Garden Art Poles

“The Garden Art Poles became a way for me to blend my love of color and painting and my love of gardening. I began painting these expressive color poles and placing them in my garden. They added a pop of color to my greens and enhanced my flower garden as well.”

The Process of Creating

Ms.Guy begins with the straightest 8’ pole available, applies two coats of white primer, sands the rough spots, and then chooses the color pallet for each pole. She then continues with a harmonious design of rich colored patterns, adds four coats of varnish, and completes with an ornamental top.


Are they perfect?

Garden Art Poles are perfect in their imperfection. Just like our beautiful lives.

What kind of posts are these?

Douglas fir fence posts that are treated for rot resistance.

Why do they have cracks?

Wood is a natural product that cracks because it continues to expand and contract as the poles dry. Even the most beautiful wooden horses on a carousel have cracks.

How do I install a Garden Art Pole?

Dig a hole  6“ across and 12 to 18” deep. Place the pole in the hole, fill in with dirt and rocks, and tamp tightly. Check vertical with level. The Art Garden Pole will stay there for many years.  If you prefer, you may use fence post concrete.

How do I take care of the Garden Art Pole?

Every spring, wash the Garden Art Pole with warm, soapy water,  let dry, and then spray or brush on a varnish that has UV protection.